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2017-02-12 07:40 pm
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 Also my twitter is the @TheMsKenobi for more frequent Tenipuri stuff just follow me there or on the @Glassnorouyadeunazuku tumblr
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2017-02-06 03:05 pm

Harumeku: A Tenipuri Spring exchange

Harumeku is an upcoming fanart and writing exchange held throughout late winter/early spring 2017, hosted on AO3. Signups open on February 10th, so ff you’re an artist or writer interested in joining, save the date!

Our general event schedule:

February 10th - Signups open
February 17th - Signups close
February 24th - Assignments are sent out
March 10th      - Midpoint checkup 
March 24th      - Submission due date
March 31st      - Works revealed 

For more info consult our official tumblr: